“When producing movies, we work with passion and take a hands-on approach. As a manufacturer, we create movies that we have our full support and make us truly proud.”” – Hans Eddy Schreiber

“Good movies are made to be seen and bringing them to the viewers is not only an immense challenge, but also a real delight.” – Kai Künnemann

“I like the idea of a small but successful production company at which producers and managing directors all use the same business card.” – Michel Marliere

Hans Eddy Schreiber

Although Hans Eddy has a German “Diplom” degree in Economics, he decided to follow his passion at the turn of the millennium and delved into the world of filmmaking. He established Karibufilm after working as a producer at the production companies Studio Hamburg, Bergengar Pfahl Film and Neue Cameo. He is a member of the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) organization.

Kai Künnemann

Kai is a qualified movie theater specialist with a degree in Production from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. He has now been successfully working in different areas of the film business for a total of 20 years, for example in the fields of movie theater (Constantin Kinoholding), movie rental (Senator Film) and production. He has already been responsible for the completion of a multitude of German and international productions as a Managing Director of the production companies “Zero West” and “A COMPANY”.

Michel Marlière

Michel joined Karibufilm as a partner and investor back in 2016, bringing with him a great deal of ‘esprit’ and passion. He’s not only a Frenchman living in Germany, but also a dedicated European (as is clearly reflected in his “terra europa” project) and a passionate businessman who supports Karibufilm with his extensive knowledge and expertise, especially when it comes to marketing, business development and international corporations.