Green Gold

A short movie about how the media can manipulate viewers and a satirical and edgy take on a chapter of American history. The USA fought a war against Iraq and we think we know why. Nevertheless, new insights mean that it’s time to rethink everything as we find out that a mutation was what really caused the war. A tiny green desert gecko is the reason behind the global crisis in which the powers that be are fighting for nothing less than inexhaustible reserves of energy. This movie has won the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Short Film Award and been praised as “particularly valuable” by the German Short Film Award.


Titel: Green Gold

Director: Barbara Marheineke
Script: Barbara Marheineke
DOP: Aksel Dogrudogan, Lars Schwellnuss
Editor: Uwe Wiesemann, Matthias Lehnigk
Music: Martin Doepke

Main Cast:

Enno Kalisch Laurentio Claim
Gerhard Fehn Big Fritz
Guido Preuß Sam Bold
Barbara Marheineke Dr. Eleonore Schmidt
Joerg Pastler Ingenieur
Lotta Svalberg CFI Kriminologin
Alexander von Janitzky Prof. Dr. T. Edison
Nikolaus Okonkwo George W. Tree
Jochen Kolenda General Lee Gus Theny
Sabine Pfeifer CFI Pathologin

Producer: Kai Künnemann